Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20, 2015

Our Saturday shows were pretty much flawless, vocally, which is a load off, for the moment.  Today is another day. The plan was to meet Mike and Casey after the show and have a get-together at the Vault. Of course they were not there, but having dinner in West Asheville. So, home I went. I’ve crossed the Atlantic to see people who then refused to see me. I don’t understand what a burden a drink or a cup of coffee could be, even if just to keep me from standing miserably alone in the middle of the street.  Two different programs today, All Is Calm and the Cantaria Christmas Concert, round #2.  I will hate each for the sake of the overburden. It is not the right way to live. Each time you think, "Maybe this will be the right deed, the deed that changes everything." But you end up doing it just to have it done. People say “what a great bass voice” and I try to think of that as sufficient. It would be sufficient if everything else weren’t such a howling void.

I think 62 is glad to have a family in it. It’s hung with Christmas lights, something I never did, for lack of an outside plug. Maybe Will put one in.
Sat down at Starbucks with someone I thought was Tom. He smiled. I smiled. I made for the door.
Day paling to a blue like the inside of a shell.

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