Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Ferocious and unceasing rain. Went by the dark to the Y, where I had to find exercises that didn’t aggravate my twisted shoulder, gotten yesterday from simply getting up too fast from a chair. Cardio, for the most part. It is better than it was, for I can push in the seatbelt clip or reach the top of the steering wheel with my right hand this morning without shrieking in pain. Dull ache calls for pills, which in turn make me dull. Perhaps my dull self can still talk about the Age of Augustus.

Tom says WP is the best thing he’s seen in Asheville.

Back to church yesterday after a long theater vacation. Hadn’t changed. Excellent new perspective on the widow’s mite. Two rehearsals where I tried out my low B flat, and found it there, and resonant. Jim said “You were shaking my chair.” Will fight hoarseness, though, to the end of winter. In a dream I thought I discovered a cure for hoarseness, which was limes. No reason not to try it out.

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