Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 28, 2015

In dream I had a desperate need for white cyclamen, to plant in the cement planter I brought over from 62 when I was feeding DJ’s fish. In a later dream, I had come late to some task. I was paid for it, but the payment was bitter because I had not really done the work. Then I had to carry a stepladder from the downtown Y in Akron all the way up Market Street.

Ordered odd peonies, which they said I could plant as long as the ground wasn’t frozen.

How the writing is bringing back memories of Hiram!

Searched, and there were no white cyclamen to be had, despite the dream. Planted huechera against the turning of the season.

Harry and Jan and their friends came by on their bikes. They caught me sleeping. I caught myself standing in the lawn in my bare feet.

Bought a bed.

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