Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 26, 2015

Sang for J’s funeral at All Souls in the morning, for the wedding of two men I didn’t know at First Congregational in the afternoon. Two landmarks in life’s journey. I feel privileged, looking back on it. Much baking, much cramming of lines. The student who got hysterical in my class transferred, as I think she should, though staying with me would have been the greater lesson and the greater triumph. Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd in London is interested in seeing the whole of In the Country of the Young, following on the excerpt I send them. After my little joy dance I tamp it down, realizing how many barriers yet lie ahead. Invent lime drop cookies, having stared for about a week at the juice of eight limes in the fridge. You can make only so many gin and tonics. Make fudge for the first time. Start looking over Young to find it a sea of typos; they were generous in wanting to see more.  Days ahead without one empty space, one deep breath. I must have wanted it--

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